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ZENITH Chrono Master El Primero 02.0240.410 Mens Wrist Watch Triple Carreder

Аpproximate price US $3 800,00



Product Details
Model number: 02.0240.410
Type: Men's
Material: Stainless Steel
Product control number: H-5835
Mechanical Automatic
Case: about 38 mm
Arm around: about 18.5 cm
State: USED (rank A - B)
Accessory: Our shop box
Product Description
There are fine Scratch. but there is no noticeable big Scratch.
Glass surface. needle. dial plate are both beautiful.
Bezel ?? There is Yogore ?? Slight Scratch accompanying use in breath.
Please refrain from nervous people
Can be used regardless of the scene with a chic design
If you are looking for. please consider by all means.
If you have any questions. please feel free to contact the store.
?? It becomes an exhibition from the pawnbroker. Please be assured of the authenticity of the product.
?? Our shipping fee will be charged.
?? In case of purchase after 6 pm Contacting the purchaser will be the next morning the next day. Please note.
?? For inventory confirmation It is sold out according to the timing of order for simultaneous sale at stores. We appreciate your understanding.
?? Depending on the customer's monitor environment. the color of the product may differ between photos and reality items. We are paying attention to the utmost care. but it may not be possible to describe all of the faults in sentences concerning second-hand goods. Please note.
?? We will accept returns only when the product and item description differ markedly. Please note that we can not do other returns (returns by customer convenience etc.).
?? For this item. I will attach the operation guarantee of the movement of 12 months of our shop. We will respond to breakdown within 12 months free of charge. (Shipping fee will be borne by the highest bidder)
?? Please understand that it may not be able to respond to malfunctions due to customer's carelessness (inundation due to forgetting to close the crown. failure due to fall from a high place etc).
?? We have sent many brand watches. bags. jewelry etc. in addition. Please also look at other products.