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OMEGA Constellation chronometer Cal.712 Automatic Mens Gents watch 1960s WOW

Аpproximate price GBP 999,99



OMEGA Constellation chronometer Cal.712 Automatic Men's Gent's watch 1960's
This is an amazing attractive watch. Iconic model, very rare and in perfect working order. As you can see from the photos the watch is in very good condition. It's vintage so naturally it comes with some very light scratches. But as you can see from the photos this looks magnificent. No silly offers, what I have listed here is the absolute minimum. Remember I have outgoing costs too including high ebay and PayPal fees.
You may find a similar model somewhere outside the UK for a little bit cheaper but be extra vigilant for the extra fees - Customs fees (20%), handling fees and high postage which nearly never includes with insurance in transit. This is probably one of the best value Constellation's you will find in the UK. Furthermore this has the added bonus of being recently serviced by a Omega specialist so this is good for years to come. An Omega service on its own can cost ?500. Walk into most UK high street jewellers and ask for a watch like this, they will quote ?3,000-?5,000.
'CONSTELLATION' - this is the flagship of Omega series. Since its launch in 1952, the cupola of the observatory of Geneva has been symbol of the Constellation line (see pic). This particular model and year was popular with Ringo Starr from the Beatles. The pedigree of the CONSTELLATION is treasured among Omega connoisseurs. With that comes a Premium. Constellation models are often sold in high end auction houses around the world.
This has a lovely 19mm brown leather strap with the genuine steel Omega buckle. A lot of sellers on here selling similar watches just put a standard 18mm strap on them basically because its much cheaper. Most sellers are also not aware some Genuine Omega models are measured in odd numbers from 15mm, 17mm, 19mm etc. If you care about having a full package genuine Omega watch you should avoid these sellers as the watch is not 100% authentic. The omega constellation observatory logo is present as per photo.
The reasons why Omega vintage watches are good to buy :
1. Value/Investment. They hold their value brilliantly and should actually increase in value over the next few years as they become rarer and rarer. Buying a brand new watch is like a car, as soon as it leaves the premises the prices drops by at least 20%. A vintage watch like this in good condition and serviced by a Omega specialist is very difficult to find.
2. Stealth Wealth. A leading American news commentator wrote an article regarding 'Stealth wealth' - where this watch type is purchased by gentleman who tend to purchase things that are discrete and very sophisticated. Basically a subtle way to show off the exquisiteness of good taste.
I am selling lots more items including a converted farm house where I dropped the price from ?350k >, ?299k.
I have 100% feedback from well over 500 sales. I have recently been upgraded to a eBay 'Power Seller'. Therefore bid with complete confidence.
Any questions drop me a mail.
Some trivia on Omega watches:
1. In 1848 a 23 year old named Louis Brandt is credited with starting the brand which later became Omega.
2. In the early 1900's OMEGA's watches were prized by railroad professionals in China, the United States, Canada and much of Europe.
3. The association between OMEGA and swimming dates back to the 1932 Los Angeles Olympic Games. The relationship is still going strong.
4. Omega was a major supplier of watches to large ministries of defense, especially during the 1st and 2nd World Wars. The company's timepieces would go on to be used by the armed and special forces of British, France, Italy, USA, Norway, Sweden, Canada to name a few.
5. Important musicians including Elvis, Beatles members & Buddy Holly have been photographed wearing Omega watches including the Constellation range.
6. Past world leaders such as JFK and Mikhail Gorbachev choice of watch. Pope John Paul II wore Omega watches.
7. Before official chronometers, Olympic chronographs or the NASA-approved Speedmasters Omega watches.
8. In 1947 Omega introduced the Seamaster “Cosmic” Moon Phase wristwatch. It was the brand’s first calendar watch to display the time and the date with its hands and day.
9. The Geneva Line, created in 1953, was made as an homage to our workshops in Geneva where OMEGAs best regulators were working. The line was finally discontinued in 1979 as the law in Geneva stipulates that a brand must have a presence in the canton of Geneva to include the word Geneva or any variation of on the dial.
10. Omega has four main watch families today that are well known to everyone interested in the brand: Seamaster, Speedmaster, Constellation and De Ville.